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Instagram Live:

Kamaria x Mari G.

Kamaria Laffrey and Mari G go deep on the importance of self-care, preventing burnout, and the rewards of advocacy.

Self-care is a topic and a practice that has never been as prominent, and it's also one that has never been as important. For those in the HIV community, self-care comes in many forms, and all working in concert together allow each and every one of us to not just live, but thrive.

As part of our IG Live series around the 40th Anniversary of HIV, our own Ambassador Kamaria Laffrey joined forces with Marissa Gonzales, aka Mari G, to talk about the importance of self-care, the routines and pitfalls they've experienced, and how to make sure there's an even greater focus on self-care, because as Kamaria says to kick off the conversation, “I don't think we talk about it enough.”

Watch the full discussion here:
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