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Instagram Live:

Jahlove x Mother La'Mia.

Our Ambassador Jahlove Serrano has a candid conversation with Mother La'Mia on HIV and increasing representation in the HIV discussion.

Fearless conversations are essential when it comes to discussing HIV — treatment options, breaking down stigmas and biases, and especially when it comes to increasing representation.

To kick off our IG Live series around the 40th Anniversary of HIV, our own Ambassador Jahlove Serrano had an incredibly candid and insightful conversation with Mother La'Mia, who describes herself as an advocate and activist “not only for transgender non-conforming individuals, but for people. I'm an activist for all individuals.”

Watch the full discussion here:

“Hopefully by being transparent, that will show people that there is life after diagnosis”– Mother La'Mia

Their conversation spans a wide range of topics, from the 40th anniversary of HIV, their treatment journeys, and what Mother La'Mia's calling in life is.