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To be fearless, it helps to have the right info and motivation. Knowledge and inspiration can fuel self-care, both within the HIV community and beyond.


Conversations Guide

Self-care looks different for each of us, which is why having open conversations with your healthcare provider is more important than ever.

Self-Care Tips

Showing love to our bodies and minds is how we truly start caring for ourselves.

Honoring Your Body Tips

Maintaining a healthy weight while living with HIV can be a struggle.

Writing as a Form of Self-Care

This workshop invites us to use the ancient Japanese art to enhance our broken parts rather than hide them.


IG Live: Jahlove x Mother La'Mia

See why “it's not enough to be an ally anymore” for the transgender community.

IG Live: Kamaria x Mari G

Self-care. Burnout. Discipline. Advocacy. Those are just a few topics of this inspiring conversation.

Reflecting on 40 Years of HIV

Our Ambassadors reflect on what this historic moment means to them.

IG Live: Octavia x Ongina

How to live fearlessly with HIV, overcome obstacles and find meaning in advocacy work within the LGBTQ+ community.