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Using the Internet as a vehicle to help spread his message of advocacy and activism has come naturally to Robert Breining.

Maybe it's his love of sports and hearing commentary over the years that makes him so natural in front of a microphone, and when that's paired with his passion for helping those within the HIV community, big things happen.

Robert has impacted the lives of many through his own social networking site, which he launched in 2007, and his POZ I AM Radio podcast series, which has produced more than 350 episodes that have explored and highlighted the positive stories of those living with HIV.


I created the social network because I wanted to meet others living with HIV just like me, and the podcast to

share our stories and offer hope to others.”


Episodes of the podcast explore living with HIV/AIDS in the modern world, the community within, and also how friendships can be formed within it. As a self-proclaimed “cyber-activist,” Robert brings a positivity and instinctual compassion to all of his work.


“I wanted to share positive stories about others to give the power back to the individual by breaking down stigma. It's all about the a-ha moment where you realize that person is just like me.”

Three Questions With Robert:

How do you define being fearless and how do you bring that attitude into your everyday life?
I define being fearless as living your life boldly and free of limitations and labels. Anyone who speaks their mind freely without the fear of rejection is fearless in my book.
How do you make self-care a part of your routine and why is it important?
Self-care is so important and honestly, I don't get enough of it. My normal self-care routine is sleeping and online shopping. Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to take time for Robert. It's important for me to do this to recharge myself not only as an advocate but also a human.
What does your advocacy mean to you and how does that fuel you forward?
My advocacy has been this long winding road. Along the way I was able to fuel myself forward by discovering self-acceptance, self-love and pride.
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