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The word movement pairs up perfectly with Jahlove Serrano, who is a proud Black gay man.

It comes out most naturally and beautifully when you see him dance—which he does as a background dancer, drag queen performer, model and choreographer. His passion for dance is simply a part of his personality—and a metaphor for how he approaches the rest of his life. Jahlove uses his artistry as a tribute to all of the lives and creative energy that HIV and AIDS have taken from the world.


When I'm dancing, I feel the most FREE and emPOWERed.”

Jahlove's commitment to making a difference is where the true movement happens. After he was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 18, that instinct for movement turned into creating change for others, leading him on a path of becoming an HIV/AIDS and health educator. His main goal as an educator?


“From my teaching, I want people to learn it's OK to live in your truth.

Movement isn't limited to the form of dance; Jahlove is also helping to create a movement as an activist. He's doing exactly that through his work with the Love Heals Center for Youth and Families, Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) to raise awareness of HIV and prevention among adolescents, young adults, young men, LGBTQ+, and the entertainment community. He also lends his time helping and supporting the New York State AIDS Institute, National Gay Men's Advocacy Coalition and the White House.

You may have also seen Jahlove in the New York State Department of Health's “HIV Stops with Me” campaign.

Three Questions With Jahlove:

How did being diagnosed with HIV change your life and shape the person you are today?
Being diagnosed with HIV has changed my life for the better. I'm more at peace with myself and my body.
How do you make self-care a part of your routine and why is it important?
Self-care is always on my to do list. It's so important to me because sometimes I forget about putting my needs first. So everyday I make sure to have “me time” and spend that time in the gym.
What is your personal mantra or a quote you live by and how does it inspire you?
When I became an educated consumer is when I became a powerful provider.
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