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As someone with an eye for fashion and art, Guy Anthony knows that all of the details make up the whole.

It's a combination of vision, determination and passion that are needed to truly make an impact—whether you're talking about a handbag, a song, or a person.

Guy Anthony

it's a combination of vision, determination and passion that are needed to truly make an impact—whether you're talking about a handbag, a song, or a person.

As a Black Queer man, I am often seen and loved in fragments. That stops now.

Either love me wholly, or don't love me at all. This is MY declaration.”

After contracting the virus as a teenager in 2005, and receiving an HIV diagnosis in 2007, Guy Anthony made a decision that has helped shape his life in the years that followed. That decision was to dedicate his life—professionally, personally and emotionally—to destigmatizing HIV and AIDS on both a local and global level.

Guy Anthony

In addition to activist and philanthropist, you can also add author to his list of accomplishments, thanks to his 2013 book (POS)+ITIVELY BEAUTIFUL: A Book of Affirmations + Advice + Advocacy, which earned him accolades like POZ Magazine's 100 HIV prevention leaders under 30 and DBQ Magazine's LOUD 100.

To say that he's made an impact or been successful at doing the above would be an understatement. By creating the Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation—named as one of six “Black Companies You Should Know” by Ebony Magazine—Guy's work has led to thousands of college scholarship dollars being provided to Black Queer men.

Guy's work doesn't just end with his foundation. In the past, he served as a Program Coordinator for the Treatment Adherence program at Us Helping Us, and on the Washington, DC Ryan White Planning Council helping allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars to people living with HIV in DC, Maryland and West Virginia.

“I'm not just fighting for me, I'm also fighting for so many others like me that wrestle with unworthiness because of an HIV diagnosis.”

Guy Anthony

“I am showing them that they, too, are more than worthy
of love, of acceptance and of peace.”

Three Questions With Guy:

How did being diagnosed with HIV change your life and shape the person you are today?
My diagnosis gave me a new lease on life and actually saved my life. Life as I knew it changed instantly after my diagnosis. I began to recognize my own mortality, and at 21 that was a very precarious place to be. I should have been focused on enjoying my early twenties and living my best life, but I had to mature almost overnight.
How do you define being fearless and how do you bring that attitude into your everyday life?
After everything I've gone AND grown through in life, I now know that there is nothing that I can't overcome. James Baldwin famously said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” And now, I face life's challenges HEAD and HEART first!
What is your personal mantra or a quote you live by and how does it inspire you?
“Do your own thing, on your own terms, and get what you came here for.” This quote inspires me to focus on my own journey and get what I need and what I want. Since the emergence of social media, it's easy to see other people living a life that could make you envious. But one must remember that this journey called life is individual, and happiness and success are INSIDE JOBS.
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