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When Daniel G. Garza starts talking, there are a few things that come across right away.

Firstly, he's got a reverence and spiritual nature to him that immediately grabs your attention. You can't help but get pulled in by it, and when it pairs up with his passion and humor, it's a combination he puts to good use in life and work.

On paper, you'd think that the deck was stacked against Daniel G. Garza. The challenges he's faced throughout his life have been monumental: He's survived anal cancer, and has also overcome both alcoholism and drug addiction. He's a natural-born fighter, which might also explain why, today, he's thriving with HIV after being diagnosed in 2000.


“Life and the world will give us labels, but they only have value when we accept them.”


Life can throw a lot of hurdles at you—it's how you adapt and handle them that matters. Daniel has shown the world that he's up for the challenge, and will fight for others just as hard as he's fought his own battles.

Having moved to the US in 1973 from his birth city of Monterrey in Mexico, Daniel has established himself as a strong advocate for the Latin HIV community. His advocacy work includes chairing a client advisory committee, public speaking, and volunteerism through organizations such as Radiant Health Centers and University of California Irvine.

When he's not changing lives through his advocacy work, Daniel is busy running Lilmesican Productions Inc., his social enterprise focused on developing projects related to entertainment, advocacy and spiritual growth. His mission is to entertain, educate and energize his community.


“Religion, culture and societal norms have held the Latin community back long enough.

It's time to break the silence.”

Three Questions With Daniel:

How do you define being fearless and how do you bring that attitude into your everyday life?
I define fearless as taking a moment that is outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself to overcome it. Being fearless works in my everyday life; it helps me move the dial forward. Sometimes in big steps, sometimes small, but pushing myself just a bit.
What is your personal mantra or a quote you live by and how does it inspire you?
One of my favorite mantras is "if you think I can do it, then I know I can." I like this mantra because if I am taken over by imposter syndrome it will cause me to doubt that I am on the right path, that I am helping my community, or that I deserve what I have.
What is something you've been able to accomplish since living with HIV?
I made being HIV Positive a career. I speak at conferences, sit on panels, and have been a keynote speaker. I teach prevention at high schools, community colleges, and universities. I consult for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and serve on multiple committees. I interview health experts, collaborate with other advocates, and work on major campaigns.
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